Jack's Duct Cleaning Offering Aeroseal Sealant Technology Aeroseal

Cost Savings

Jack's Duct Cleaning is offering Aeroseal Sealant Technology Aeroseal is your best, cost effective solution to have a more comfortable home and get significant savings on your energy bills.

How Aeroseal Works

A certified Aeroseal technician temporarily blocks your coil/fan/furnace, registers and returns to create a closed system. Then the technician uses a patented injection system to blow air into your duct system. A computer measures air loss through leaks and cracks in your duct system. If sealing is required, the injector blows tiny sticky particles that travel in the airflow through your duct work. They collect and form a seal at cracks and leaks and can seal holes as large as 5/8ths of an inch in diameter without leaving excess deposits on duct surfaces.

Using a professional to manually seal the ducts would probably be less effective than Aeroseal because they cannot find all the leaks unless they break into walls, attics, ceilings and more. If they do a good job finding and fixing the leaks manually, the repairs to the house will cost a lot and the fixes may not last long.

So call us for an Aeroseal solution at 1613295 6592

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